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Join the Team that Elected Doug Jones to Help Democrats Take Back America

CA-BAM PAC! is a newly formed SuperPAC built to win back Republicans seats from California to Alabama and beyond.

Our team’s efforts in Alabama proved that by combining strong mobilization efforts and an innovative approach to persuadable Republican and independent voters, previously ignored states and districts can be turned blue — and it can catapult Democrats to winning back the House, Senate, and statehouses across the country.

“There’s a smarter, better way to elect Democrats. I want to be part of CA-BAM!’s effort to create that system and put it in place before the 2018 mid-term election.” Diane Lander-Simon, CA-BAM! Board Member

Our Team

Joe Trippi was the lead strategist behind Doug Jones’s historic win in the recent Alabama U.S. Senate special election. Trippi is the founder and President of Trippi and Associates and has been at the forefront of movement politics for nearly 30 years. Trippi began his political career working on Edward M. Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1980 and has worked on dozens of presidential—including managing Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign—gubernatorial, senate, and congressional campaigns ever since.

Paul Maslin was the lead pollster behind Doug Jones’s historic win in the recent Alabama U.S. Senate special election. Maslin, a partner at FM3 Research, has been one of the leading public opinion analysts and campaign strategists for more than three decades. He has provided research for Senator Patty Murray’s successful reelection campaign in 2016 and the ongoing Quality of Life Index for UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Policy, a groundbreaking assessment of life in Los Angeles County. He was the pollster for Howard Dean’s landmark Presidential campaign in 2004 and has advised dozens of Senators, Governors, members of Congress, and big city mayors in every region of the United States, and has polled for seven Presidential candidates.

FM3 Research: Polling
Paul Maslin, John Fairbank, Rick Sklarz, Sharon Pinkerton
Joe Trippi, Tom Rossmeissl, Ana Karina Palacio, Rebecca Velez
ALZA Campaigns: Press & Direct Mail
Roger Salazar, Josh Pulliam
Ryan McInerney, Executive Director
Josh Pulliam, General Consultant