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CA-BAM! will use innovative research and campaign tactics to engage the electorate and mobilize voters in the fight against congressional Republicans and the Trump agenda.  Right now, CA-BAM! is polling in key congressional districts to identify winnable seats and candidates, develop comprehensive independent expenditure campaigns to elect Democrats and take back the House.

CA-BAM! will roll out polling data in red-to-blue House districts in Southern California before moving on to other red districts across the country.   In addition to identifying and exploiting the Republicans’ vulnerabilities through issue contrast, CA-BAM! seeks to identify the strongest Democratic candidates to win red seats and help catapult those candidates through the Democratic primary.

Latest Update

Newly released polling from CA-BAM! shows Rep. Steve Knight is highly vulnerable, with voters in CA-25 highly receptive to the innovative playbook that helped elect U.S. Senator Doug Jones in Alabama.

CA-BAM! Polling Highlights in CA-25:

  • Rep. Steve Knight’s favorable rating is 39%, worse than Donald Trump’s rating (43% favorable)
  • Knight’s biggest vulnerabilities come from his extremist record on women’s health and workplace issues, with nearly two-thirds of voters expressing “serious doubts” (65% serious doubts, 74% total doubts) about his health care record, and a strong majority of the district expressing serious doubts with his record on equal pay and discrimination in the workplace (61% serious doubts, 73% total doubts)
  • Additionally, more than half of voters expressed “serious doubts” about Knight’s record on climate change, repealing the Affordable Care Act, tax cuts for millionaires and big corporations, and his anti-Californian record
  • Katie Hill holds a 13-point lead over Rep. Steve Knight in a head-to-head general election matchup, leading Knight 53%-40%

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